* * * Personnel Announcement * * *

After sixteen years Scott Edgards has decided to turn his back on the music scene in order to pursue a political career in South-America.

Long time band advisor Barry ‘Baz’ Bunnings from Australia, whom we met while on world tour, appeared to be able to not only play the bass guitar but also master it adding serious low end to the band’s rhythm section and was hired on the spot.

Gaping Moles Valentine's Gift 2016

Close your eyes...

We think you'll enjoy our sizzling hot Valentine's gift for 2016 to the fullest watching our new video for 'Hole of Glory'!

Once again Karlos Antonio Sabaretta hooked up with Lester McCaulfield and Alfredo Ventura and made a crazy video for a tune that's almost as old as the dancers appearing in it.

Our 2000 debut album 'No Story Unmoleded' will be remastered and re-released shortly.

Consider this a little rock tease...


* * * Personnel Announcement * * *

While the re-mastering of ‘No Story Unmoleded’ is in full process let us introduce you to Gaping Moles' newly acquired co-pilot:

Mr. Trevor Jenkins on guitar and vocals!

We borrowed 'Trigger' from the Texan sludge band the Loose Louisiana Ladylikes who were supporting Gaping Moles during the Penile Penitentiary South America / Asia Tour 2013.

As their group split, due to a sudden and unfortunate mishap regarding some inter-personal issues, and Gaping Moles' Brent Sevenier got M.I.A. upon our return to the US, it was unanimously decided by Gaping Moles management, Karlos Antonio Sabaretta, Trevor Jenkins would come and tag along to fill front stage left.

Gaping Moles will come and show off on a stage near you during our No Stage Unmoleded 2015 Anniversary Tour!

Stay tuned, stay sleazy


Gaping Moles 15 Year Anniversary

It is a time for celebrations!

2015 marks the fifteenth year for Gaping Moles in active service, bringing you the most sleazy and glamdoomed sludge to this day!

In celebration of this magnificently stellar event we are currently re-mastering Gaping Moles' debut album ‘No Story Unmoleded’ (2000, Black Kat Rekords), including two previously unreleased bonus tracks, due for release this summer!


Gustav Levi Müller

After recent stalking incidents involving a female fan who is currently residing in Austria, Gustav Levi Müller will be temporarily unable to attend any shows.

Until the regional court in Innsbruck reprimands this teenage offender under the Austrian youth crime law, Gus will remain inactive and Gaping Moles will be operating as a quartet for the time being.

A trial date has currently not been set. All upcoming shows remain confirmed.


Spider Mouth Official Music Video

Valentine's Day 2014 sees the release of Penile Penitentiary's first Official Music Video!

'Spider Mouth' was shot and directed by none other than Greta Gräslund and Lester McCaulfield.

Supervising and guarding the band's best interest and image Karlos Antonio Sabaretta fruitfully collaborated with the production team of Gräslund Productions while writing, shooting and editing further material which will appear with the release of the album's second single later this year.

For those of you staying in colder regions, may 'Spider Mouth' be like a little summer teaser to get you over the hump!

Be sure to download the full album Penile Penitentiary for free!

~ Sleazy Valentine's Day


Lithuanian Children's Choir

Many, many thanks and sincere apologies to the Lithuanian Children's Choir for their collective efforts in contributing to Sanctum of the Sultans! Recording sessions went down great. All original recordings however have been stolen from the car seat while going for gas near the studio and never heard from again. Their sublime contribution however remains much appreciated. Due to their tight schedule there was no alternative but to accept the loss for now. We will definitely catch up down the line some time. 


Domain Control 

Finally, after nearly seven years of ongoing lawsuits, Gaping Moles Enterprises regained ownership over www.gapingmoles.com this Tuesday! 

A small group of hackers from the Russian Federation succeeded in closing down the website completely and claiming domain control shortly after the release of Finger Bleed (2006).

The group was led by Arkady Gidzenko (29) who was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

Thanks go out to our dedicated team of attorneys led by, Mrs. Esmeralda F. Kézér, who spoke of "...a fitting verdict, well deserved". Gaping Moles manager Karlos A. Sabaretta attended the final trial in San Luis Obispo, Ca., claiming his presence was the main cause for victory.

We thank all parties involved for their collective efforts over the years. And a special warm welcome back to our fans from all crevices around the globe and thanks for their ongoing support.