Rumbling and roaring their way well into the beginning of the decaying new millennium, Gaping Moles have been an established name within the glamdoom culture. Successes such as their blasting debut album 'No Story Unmoleded' (Black Kat Rekords, 2000) and the epic follow-up album 'Hyparxis' (Black Kat Rekords, 2001) have further crystallized their presence as a superior power within their genre. Mainly due to the band's explicit desire to limit their studio releases to limited editions only, Gaping Moles have by 2003 well surpassed their colleagues in the underground. Hungry for more, the audience has been demanding more output from the band, resulting in their third (double-) album, 'Nibiru's Wake' (Black Kat Rekords, 2004).

The following year, after a period of extensive touring, the band took a sabbatical to catch up with their private lives. In November 2005, original founding member Leroy Thompson (organs, keys) left the band to join a Satanic cult to "...accomodate the ghosts within".

By the beginning of 2006 a new addition to the band was introduced. Gustav Levi Müller (ex-Machine Maids) brought along new inspiration and energy upon which the band began writing and recording their fourth album 'Finger Bleed' (Black Kat Rekords, 2006). Ever evolving and refining their style, their glam doom influences reached epic proportions throughout the media with their 2007 EP 'A Conjunction of Symmetries' which remains a well appraised "...unsurpassable masterpiece" (Glaton Music Reviews, 2007). Quickly followed in September 2007 by their fifth album 'Mastodon Momentum' (Black Kat Rekords, 2007) their fanbase increased exponentially and the band embarked on a huge tour throughout the scene. In 2009 they released their sixth CD 'Unhealing Centaur' (Black Kat Rekords, 2009). The band embarked on an extensive world tour throughout the scene to promote their album 'Chiron's Threnody' (Black Kat Rekords, 2010).

After an 18 months hiatus due to legal disputes with the Thai law and order community resulting in the detainment of Spencer McNamara, Gaping Moles effectively applied modern day communication techniques in order to maintain their renowned, creative output levels. Their collective efforts resulted in the production of their latest album 'Penile Penitentiary' (Black Kat Rekords, 2013) and the forthcoming live registration of Chiron's Threnody World Tour 2010.

When mid 2014 Brent Sevenier got M.I.A. upon the band's return to the US it was decided Trevor Jenkins (ex-Loose Louisiana Ladylikes) would come and tag along to fill front stage left.

With increasing energy and unprecedented spirit, Gaping Moles remain the most vibrant live act for Backrub Bookings/Black Kat Rekords.

Nibiru's coming, but the end is not yet here...


No Story Unmoleded (2000)

Hyparxis (2001)

Nibiru's Wake (2004)

Finger Bleed (2006)

A Conjunction of Symmetries (EP, 2007)

Mastodon Momentum (2007)

Unhealing Centaur (2009)

Chiron's Threnody (2010)

Penile Penitentiary (2013)

No Story Unmoleded - Reissue (2016)